A Pair, Finally

So a long time ago, I finished a sock. It lay all by itself for a while, until I finished its mate last night during a Murder, She Wrote marathon. I don't know why, but that is my go-to show when I want to spend some time knitting.

Here is the pair:

The instep is a little longer on one of the socks, because I tried the toe-up gusset for the first time and started it too late on my first try. On the second stop, I guessed more accurately, and that sock fits perfectly.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with both of them.

Yarn: Opal prototype
Pattern: Generic toe-up over 60 stitches with gusset heel; 2x1 ribbed cuff and sewn cast-off
Needles: size 2 dpns

Technically, only one of these counts toward my Summer of Socks, but I will take it.


Scherzando said...

I love those colors! I can barely finish my first sock - 84 stitches on size 0 (the things are practically bulletproof), so yours are an inspiration to me :)

Mei said...

Yikes! I have steered clear of 0s, and I've even set my 1s aside, because I like the fabric I get from 2s--and because I want to finish quickly. Good luck!


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