Babysitting the Beignet

Since I live less than five minutes from my sister Joon, and since I am not doing anything at all this summer, I get to be the on-call babysitter. This works out fine for me, because I have a secret plan in which I get the Beignet to love me best.

She was still a little sleepy when I got there.

Who are you, stranger? Where's my mom? Why are you making weird noises at me?

After her first bottle she started warming up, and pretty soon we were playing games like Whose Foot Is This? and Dance Baby Dance.

I'm shy. Look how cute I am when I'm shy.

When Joon and her husband got back from vacation this week, I spent the better part of an hour telling outrageous lies.
"She said my name. Also she told me she loves me best."
"She walked across the living room."
"She learned the twelve times table."
"She bought me a house on eBay."
"She can drive your car."

Oh Aunt Mei! You're so crazy!

And then we played this game I made up where she lays on a pillow in my lap and I bicycle her legs. Then I let go of her legs and she starts kicking me right in the chest (she made up that part). She really, really likes that game.

Aunt Mei, I love you the best!!


Joon said...

She likes ME, her MOM, the best!! But I do think those pictures are simply adorable. Thanks for sending them.

Dreamy said...

April, thanks for nominating me! You made me cry (lol) I've had a tough week. I will stick it up on my blog as soon as I get a chance to breathe... I didn't want you to think that I missed it. Monday and Tuesday.. blog reading as usual and then on wednesday the husbeast returned and life went topsyturvy.

the beignet looks too cute for words, seriously. She's beyond adorable.


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