Here We Are, as in Olden Days

I have laryngitis. Again.

That's right; my annual attack of laryngitis has sprung itself on me. To tell the truth, it's been trying to get me for a couple of weeks now. It's only through sheer force of will that I've held it off this long. I actually consulted my mental calendar: "Okay, there's London; no. Then rehearsal; no. Then the play; no. Then the second weekend; no." And I gave myself permission to get sick starting today, December 18. So I did.

It's a doozy too. This little monster has had several weeks to build itself up into quite the little pain-in-the-neck (literally). I am fortunately not suffering any other cold-like effects; I just can't talk.

Well ... I CAN, but I sound like a drag queen.


lorinda said...

Get well soon!

Mei said...

Thanks! I'm pulling out of it, but it's a pretty tenacious case!


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