My Voice, It Is an Inconsistent Thing

Please note that I have not talked more than, like, ten minutes in the past five days. One might think that one's vocal chords would appreciate one's sacrifice and HEAL THE HECK UP, but no.

Today I went to church and did not sing. This stinks, because I loooove singing period, but I really love singing church songs. They make me feel like I am growing taller, in a weird way, like I am about two seconds away from floating right out of my body. But that is beside the point, because it totally did not happen today.

My family went to dinner after church, and though I was able to talk, and my voice was audible, it was still noticeably unhealthy.

After dinner, we saw the new Harry Potter movie (good) and SOMEHOW, though I did not speak for two-and-a-half hours, MY VOICE GOT WORSE.

So now, if I try to talk, my voice cuts in and out, like a walkie-talkie that's not quite working, and I have to say that it's pretty annoying.

On the other hand, now I have the PERFECT excuse not to have Thanksgiving dinner with any relatives who may or may not be mine, and who may or may not be some of the rudest people to walk the earth, and who may or may not be reading this.

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