As the first semester draws to a close, I find myself in this sort of suspended state; it's too early to be giddy about Christmas vacation, but it's too late to start taking any sick days (on account of I have to be there for exam review).

I am exhausted and I find myself not caring what goes on in class. Grades are done, and we're all just waiting for Exam Day. It's really a toss-up as to who's more excited about the holidays, teachers or kids.

It doesn't help that my bed is sooo warm and cozy, and every place else is cold and hard. It has been a struggle just to pull myself away from my pillow, and it's taken an extraordinary amount of will power to get myself up and get ready for school.

I realized, today, right before my last class, that I was not only wearing two completely different socks, but also two socks of completely different colors, and only one of them actually matched my outfit. They looked the same this morning, when I pulled them out of the dryer. Probably I should not dress myself before I've had my morning caffeine.

Also, when I did finally drag myself up this morning, I proceeded to fall right down the stairs. I caught myself, fortunately, but not before I slid down about five steps and about pulled my arm out of its socket while grabbing for the handrail.

To recap:
Today's accomplishments include the fashion sense of a toddler and a bruised booty.

Tell me that's not a metaphor.


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Dree said...

I totally hear ya. Each morning it gets more and more difficult to leave my warm, cozy bed and deal with kids. I can't wait for that week off during Christmas to regroup and relax.

lorinda said...

I've had days like that. Good thing I don't have stairs.


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