I Talk without Saying Anything

I lost my voice today. Totally gone.

I forgot, though, and called my dad to ask him a question, and he did this: "Hello? HellO? HELLO?" click (hee). I called him back and croak-yelled at him and he said, "Nice voice." We are a very empathetic family.

Usually I stand outside my door and greet students as they walk in, but I stayed in the room today and waved and smiled. Like that guy who wears a chicken suit and stands outside a car dealership.

Once my first class figured out what was going on, one of my students, who is generally a goof-off, actually, said, "Well, I guess I'll just pound anybody who gets out of line today, so you can maintain some order."

Officially, I had to reprimand him (I shook my finger; not much else I could do). But, off the record, that may be the sweetest thing a kid's ever said to me.

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