It's a Miracle!

I have more knitting pics, courtesy of my new cell phone.

1. Baby bonnet, finished in ... August, I think.

I love these, because they are a quick knit and they look so cute when they're finished This is [some brand] baby yarn, acrylic, that I bought at WalMart. (I learned from my knitting teacher that you should make stuff for babies out of acrylics because they can be washed, like when a baby pukes on it and other fun stuff like that.)

2. One Piece Baby Sweater, finished last Saturday, during an episode of Murder She Wrote. I love these, too, because I can finish them quickly.

This is also an acrylic yarn, Caron, I think, and I bought it at Hobby Lobby. I bought it as a little joke with myself, because I had a certain baby in mind when I made it, and he lives (or will live, this time next week) in an area of the country that is OBSESSED with hunting.
I have the buttons, but have NOT had either the time or inclination to sew them on. Also, I think one of the arms on this sweater is shorter than the other and, as far as I know, that is NOT true of the baby.

3. sigh Sadly, my one and only Socktoberfest sock. This is Opal Parrot; the pattern is Dublin Bay.

I like the pattern, but I don't think it's a good match for this yarn, because it gets lost in the color changes.

Also, knitting socks on size 1 dpns is a mighty pain in the butt. I got impatient, and ended the sock too soon, and so it is a little small for my foot. It's okay, though, because it'll probably be a one off, and I'll find another pattern that will work with this yarn. Maybe I will frame it and call it Art.

But that's not all! I have also knitted two bonnet-type things for the Puritan ladies in the school play. One turned out great, the other not so much. No pictures, because they are both at school, and I am not.

I'm taking a tip from Wendy and ending with a picture of a cat.

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lorinda said...

Good work, and cute cat!

I have several lone socks that I have finished. I think I'm just going to start wearing them with other lone socks.


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