Monday Knitting

Yup, I did it all in one day. One very, very, very long sleepless day.

Sponsored by the following: History Detectives, Oprah, Spaced, Life of Mars, two episodes of Mystery! (Miss Marple and the Sittaford Mystery), Digging for the Truth, and part of the movie Beau Brummell, which I think I am not going to finish (it was boring).

more pictures follow

This is, of course, another baby bonnet. This time I used Cascade Cotton Rich. I still used the size 4s, but it knit up a little bigger on account of the yarn is thicker.

As you can see, I modified it somewhat: I did four pattern repeats of the feather-and-fan, and then continued in stockinette stitch (with a three garter stitch border). Picking up stitches is a lot easier with garter stitch, I have to say.

I'm particularly proud of the pattern the crown decreases made. In fact, as with the Green Gable, the stitch definition of this yarn is amazing.

Here's a rough approximation of what it would look like on a baby's head. If the baby's head were shaped like a common overturned drinking cup with a bottle of nail polish on top. (I go all out with my models).

I didn't have any ribbon that matched this color (fuschia), so I wondered if I could just cast on extra stitches at the end of the rows to make the ties. Turns out, I totally could!


Gretchen said...

You had me saving bonnett links the other day and now this one! So cute, but not in that bad, icky cute way. The good, cool cute.

Gretchen said...

I did not just misspell bonnet. Aargh.

Mei said...

Thanks, Gretchen!
I looked forEVER for a good pattern and I am really happy with this one.


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