Day 15*: Someone or Something You Couldn't Live Without

(because you've tried living without it)

1.  Bacon.
When I was a temporary vegetarian, nothing tested my resolve more than bacon.  Mmmm.  Bacon.

2.  Caffeine
I go off caffeine about six times a year, it seems like.  I do really well for a good while, and then I don't get enough sleep, or I have a play to get ready for, or I forget my water bottle at home, and I fall fling myself off the wagon.  I do love Diet Coke, though.  I don't care if it eats my insides like it eats the paint off a car.

3.  Dairy products
HAHAHAHAHAHA  just kidding.  If I ever make an announcement that I'm giving up milk, what that means is I am also giving up breathing.  I love milk more than I love Diet Coke.  I could drink a gallon in a day.  This explains why, in 35 years of being a Clumsy Poop, I've only had one actual broken bone.  And that was when I was five and hadn't had the time to build up my Terminator-like skeletal structure.

4.  Teaching
This is true.  As much as I complain about my job, I don't know how I could leave it.  Even my dream job--high school librarian**--still deals with education. 

When I first started teaching, I wasn't prepared for the reality of the constant paperwork, testing, and student apathy.  It killed my drive, so I quit and moved someplace else and got another job.  It was a good job, and I liked it, but it wasn't teaching. 

I couldn't believe how much I missed the classroom.  Part of that, yes, was my desire to be in charge of ALL things at ALL times; I like that a lot.  But the thing I missed most was sharing knowledge,and even learning things myself.  I like KNOWING things, and I like telling what I know to, well, everybody.

* I skipped another one: Write a letter to a hero who's let you down.  My heroes are fine, thanks.  Well.  Dead, mostly, but fine.

** nerd


Anonymous said...

I don't miss bacon so much (though my husband does--that and corned beef are the two things he misses most since going veg 22 years ago). For me, it's seafood. Especially beer-battered halibut. Dipped in ranch dressing.

*insert Homer Simpson-esque drool*

Amazing Flower said...

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