Follow Up

Tonight I ate bacon. Four slices, sizzling and steaming and scrumptious.

I gobbled them up like a ... well, the word pig doesn't seem appropriate in this context.

What I mean is, it was AWESOME.

And though those four pieces of heaven bacon have given me the gift of Grumbly Guts ...

I do not regret them for a moment.

Not even a little bit.

In fact, I'm gonna do it again tomorrow.


Angela said...

HAH. Have you ever read "My Own Personal Piece of Doom Cake"? Yesterday's post was about his love of bacon, too. You two are funny.


Anonymous said...

If you want even more bacon in your life, check out this page. Bacon mints, bacon gum, bacon band-aids, bacon jelly beans, bacon FLOSS...

And if that's not enough bacon for you, check out John Scalzi's bacon page. He's the guy who started the "bacon on my cat" thing.

Bacon is the one thing my fellow-vegetarian husband misses. Me, not so much. My longing is for seafood, particularly beer-battered halibut dipped in ranch dressing.


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