I haven't had a working television since January.  I cut off the DirecTV to save money, but my ancient television is analog, not digital.  Even though I bought one of those fancy converter boxes, I live far enough out in the country that a signal doesn't get through, so I had to give up television against my will.

Fortunately, almost everything I want to watch (and sooo many things I don't) is available online.  I'm very, very wary of all those torrent sites--I'm terrified that I'll download something and then get a visit from the FBI--so I've been making good use of Hulu and Netflix, and when Mad Men was on, I bought the season on iTunes.  All legal!

I've decided that I'm not even taking my television to the new house.  I'll donate it to Goodwill or something, since it will probably work just fine for someone else. 

I'm glad that television is not a priority for me anymore.  I don't have to rush home to watch something, and I don't stare like a zombie at the screen for ten hours a day.  So in that way, it's liberating. 

On the other hand, I do spend a lot more time on the internet now ... one addiction for another?

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