It's the last week I have to deal with the school play--for this semester, anyway--and I am heartily looking forward to the performance on Thursday, not because I'm excited to see the play, but because I am looking forward to sleeping soundly, for the first time in weeks, Thursday night.

For three days this week, I'm looking at major rehearsals, finalizing the set construction and decoration, ticket sales, and setting up light and sound boards, by myself, I'm SURE.

It's a miracle, but I'm ready for this. I KNOW. I have things under control, and I have the week mapped out to the minute, and as long as we follow the plan everything will get done, and ... the fates are working against me AS USUAL:

The weather forecast for this week includes a couple of days of possible snow showers.

I never thought I would pray NOT to have snow days. But here is my vow:

If school is canceled because of snow, or snow flurries, or the threat of snow, or it looks like snow, or the school superintendent steps outside and somebody spits on his neck and he thinks it's snow, WITH GOD AS MY WITNESS, I WILL NEVER GO HUNGRY AGAIN.

... wait.

But something like that, yes.

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