The play is over.

The thing about directing a high school play is you really can't do anything else at the same time. Everything has suffered: my lesson planning, my grading, my actual teaching. That's not even mentioning my life outside of school. I mean, I've only watched 90 minutes of television this week. NINETY MINUTES. My TiVO is going to divorce me on grounds of desertion.

I'm tired of not getting home until after 9:00 every night. I'm tired of spending weekends picking through sweaty discards at the Goodwill in order to find costumes. I'm tired of calling the lumberyard EVERY SINGLE DAY to order yet another delivery. I'm tired of telling my family, "I can't; I have rehearsal." I'm tired of making lists and checking lights and running after janitors.

But most of all, I'm just tired. Period.

Only six weeks until auditions for the spring play.

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