Fire Needles

When I get home after school, I typically settle in for the night. I wash my face, put on my pjs, and toss my hair into a knot using whatever's available.

A lot of times, that's gonna be a knitting needle.

And, because I am saving money by not heating the house, my ears tend to get cold. So I whipped up a little something to keep 'em warm when the temperature hits a balmy 45 degrees (inside the house).

I know you're probably thinking, "What? A third knitted object in as many days???" To which I reply: "I KNOW!" Well, moving the needles around does keep my fingers from getting frostbitten here in the Flower igloo home.

Pattern: Calorimetry
Yarn: 100% merino wool from hand-painted wool (eBay store)
Needles: US size 4
Modifications: I knit this over 100 stitches rather than 120.

It's warm, it's comfortable, and doesn't mash my hair down over my head (I hate that). Plus, for whatever reason, hats that pull down over my forehead make me itch.

I think my next project will be mittens. Just for the heck of it.

p.s. My hair looks amazing in these pictures.


Anonymous said...

I knit my first Calorimetry last month, when I was wondering what to do with the one skein of Touch Me Due that someone had given me. Isn't it a delightfully quick knit? And I totally agree about its very desirable non-hair-mashing qualities.

I made my first mittens last month, too. If you're planning to make something for yourself, you may want to consider fingerless mittens. Just take a regular mitten pattern and bind off when the tops of your thumb and other fingers are still peeking out. Then you can wear them while knitting!

Anonymous said...

I love the knitting needle quaff!
I must try that; my hair is long enough...
(your hair DOES look amazing!)
Have you tried hair wraps?

Joon said...

You know, they DO have those head things that go over your ears, kinda like a wide headband, usually made of fleece, and it won't even make your forehead itch. OR you can knit your own. Whichever. And by the way, you are a nerd. I LOVE YOU!


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