So you know how I love watching high-falutin' movies that are all artsy and literary and stuff? Well, I have found the grail. Netflix had it the whole time.*

North and South is a BBC production of Elizabeth Gaskell's novel about a northern mill owner and a southern ex-vicar's daughter who cannot agree about plight of the working man.

She's a snob with a family name, and he's a tradesman who cares more about his workers than he lets on. She's a bleeding heart who always sides with the working poor, and he's a businessman who's worked hard to make a success of himself. She sees him as a callous, money-hungry master, and he falls desperately in love with her.

BONUS(es): British accents! Gorgeous scenery! Amazing soundtrack! Lovely use of lighting! Richard Armitage!

This is a four-part miniseries over two discs, the first of which ends with this beautiful, heart-wrenching scene:

And then I had to wait three days for the second disc! THREE DAYS!! It was almost too much.

But that second disc ... sweet merciful heavens. That second disc is full with my tears and heartbeats and fists clenching and sighs and satisfaction.

* Thanks to my generous family, I used my B&N gift cards to buy it for myself. I should get an extra copy, just in case.


deb said...

Just wait until the last scene on disc 4, hun! You will NEVER forget it!

Mei said...

Hee ... I've watched that scene SO many times!


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