Excited! Exclamation Point!

Some time on this blog I must have expressed my love for mummies. Which is why I did a little dance this morning when I saw this:

Egyptologists think they have Hatshepsut's Mummy

Now, I have never done any research into Egypt's royal family, so I have never heard of this woman. And I am far too lazy to research her now, which is why I am already setting my Tivo Wishlist to Mummies: Record All Showings.

I love it when the Discovery Channel does their specials on new tombs. The host looks like he's about to become a father, all nervous and anticipatory and babbly, and then somebody yells, "I found something!" and he runs down into the tomb to see and it ends up being the wrapper from a chocolate bar. A 1940s chocolate bar, to be sure, but it's not a mummy. His disappointment is palpable and he goes back into First-time Father Mode until somebody else finds something important, like a 4000-year-old kleenex.


Talk..to..Grams said...

Hey. Congrats, on your "Rockin Girl" Blogger Award from, Cindy! You sure find some nice new friends this way!

Mei said...

Thanks, Grams!


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