I Rock

Many thanks to Cindy, of Notes in the Key of Life, who passed on the Rockin' Girl Blogger award to me.

It's now my honor and my privilege to pass it on to five other women. Here are my choices:

Angela, at The Diva Knits - She was my first Secret Pal, so we have knitting in common. Plus, she wants to be a teacher! Her posts are very honest and revealing, whether she's talking about her weight, her college classes, or her family.

Marsha, at First Things First - Another knitter, again linked through the Secret Pal program. Her blog topics are varied, everything from food to books to (of course) knitting.

Lady Strathconn - A teacher, one who also lives in a small town, and who also has an interest in the theater.

Waterfall, at A Sort of Notebook - I first started reading her blog when she was a struggling first-year teacher. Now she's in another field which involves proofreading (a dream job!), and she blogs about running, playing piano, and writing her own novel.

Laura, at Teaching (or at least trying to) - She blogs about the daily details of being a teacher. I write a lot about my kids or my lessons, but Laura writes about the nitty-gritty minutiae that we teachers have to deal with. And makes it interesting, even.

Five amazing women whose blogs inspire and entertain me ... thanks ladies!


Waterfall said...

Thank you! Yes, you do rock. Your blog is among my favorites, though I haven't been much of a blog-visitor to anywhere these days. Take care!

Nicole said...

Mei- great blog. And your choices for the award were perfect. The ladies all have excellent blogs!

Marsha Brofka-Berends said...

Thanks so much, Mei! You do indeed rock. On toast. Your blog is so much fun to read!

Mei said...

Thanks, ladies! I enjoy writing these posts, and I've found that reading other people's blogs both inspires and motivates me to be a better writer myself.


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