The first step on the path to rehabilitation is admitting your faults.

So, to that end:

I'm an online shopaholic.

And despite my being 100% debt free, I have slowly been spending myself into financial disarray. At the rate I'm going, I am going to Paypal myself right into bankruptcy.

So I staged An Intervention. For myself.

I confessed my spending habits to my family and turned over my checkbook and debit card to a financial advisor (aka MY DAD). I will cancel my Amazon and Paypal accounts and spend cash when it's necessary to buy anything at all.

I don't expect it to be easy, and I'm sure there will be painful withdrawal symptoms. I can already feel nervous twitches and I'm dying to check my eBay Watch List one more time.

It's gonna be awful. But if I want to give myself any kind of financial stability, I have to serve my 28 days with dignity and integrity.

Starting Monday.


Dreamy said...

I admire your strength of conviction here. I am totally so not ready to give that stuff up... good luck!!

Cindy Swanson said...

You are one brave woman!

Hey, check out my blog today. I just nominated you for a prestigious--well, fun anyway--award! :)

Lady S said...

Totally not willing to give up my paypal and amazon. Although, I probably should.

ms. whatsit said...

Wow! Good for you that you understand the big picture.

Mei said...

thanks for the good thoughts ... it is a struggle but I am getting through. I'm thinking about taking up drinking though--trading one vice for another.


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