Monday Loves

The only good Monday is a Monday in bed. -Dark Season

It was harder to think of things I love today, because getting up this morning took a LOT of work. But I managed to come up with these:

These socks, which I worked on this weekend.

Both are worked from the toe up; I used size 1 needles for the toe increases and switched to 2s for the body.

The darker one is Great Adirondacks Soxie in Mixed Berry. The seller said one skein was enough for two "average" socks, but I am questioning her definition of average, because I don't think I'm gonna make it. The yarn, though, is FANTASTIC.

The lighter one is Opal (of course) in IDunnoWhat colorway. It was a gift from Heike, my SP8.

The Black Donnellys
I missed the premiere last Monday, but I caught it for free on iTunes this weekend. I really liked it, even though many critics don't. Their main beef seems to be that TBD is a pale imitation of The Sopranos, but guess what: I have never seen even one episode of The Sopranos. Maybe that's why I like it. One thing, though: those boys all look like hobbits.

I am allowed to eat them as part of the South Beach Diet, and I surely DO. I keep a can in my desk at school and eat a handful between classes. It helps curb the anger hunger.

Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister, by Robert Browning
This is my favorite of Browning's poems, because it's about this monk who totally hates another monk, and he has these imaginary conversations in his head about that guy. It's possible that I do that myself--talk to people in my head, I mean, not hate monks.

The Channel ## News in the morning
I don't watch the news except when I'm getting ready in the morning, and I like this channel because the anchors routinely refer to people as "crackheads" and "losers." That is what I would do, too, if I presented the news.

Tartuffe, by Moliere
My theater class just finished reading this play about a fake priest who tries to swindle a family out of its money. It's a comedy of manners and it is absolutely hilarious. There is a great deal of opportunity for discussion on hypocrisy, gullibility, and the need to believe in something.

The fact that this is the last day of Phase 1 on this diet
I am totally eating cereal for breakfast tomorrow.

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