Conversation with a Student

Student: Ms. Flower, do you know who Metallica is?
Me: ...
Student: You know ... [slowly] Mmmeeetttaaaalliiiicaaa?
Me: Yes, I know them.
Student: Do you ever listen to them?
Me: mmmmmNO.
Student: Well, I was listening to this song yesterday, and they used [one of our vocab words] the word encroach.
Me: [excited!] And you totally knew what it meant, didn't you?
Student: Yeah. I guess if I didn't have this class I wouldn't have understood it.
Me: So can we agree that you actually LEARN THINGS in this class?
Student: I guess so.
Me: And can we agree that the things you learn here are applicable to the outside world?
Student: ...okay.
Me: And can we further agree that I TOLD YOU SO???!!!!????

[that last one may have been implied]

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