I live in a very small town that is close to making the transition from "small town" to "slightly bigger town." Most people who have lived here all their lives would call it rural. People who have lived in cities all their lives would call it rural, and there are definitely times that you still have to wait for a cow to cross the road before you can drive past.

So there's actually very little to do in town. Still, I have no idea what it means when all the railroad tunnels in town have been tagged with this:

What is the message here? I suppose it could just be literal, and that there is some very bored teenager around here who is very interested in the feces of arctic birds/mammals.

Could it be a new gang? I mean, it's not really hardassed graffiti, you know? I don't think I am afraid of a gang that writes the words PENGUIN POOP on stuff.

Or is this some kind of code? Like, the letter P actually stands for the letter J, or something? Oh wait, I am talking about teenagers from MY town; they would not take the time or the energy to do that, plus they might not be that smart anyway.

I googled it, to see if it's actually some new-fangled saying that's been taken up by all the whippersnappers, but all I came up with was this picture (it is gross, in a way that certain members of my family will appreciate) and the knowledge that there is such a thing as projectile pooping, which I maybe did not want to know.

In conclusion, I did drive in a circle for thirty minutes to take these pictures. It probably took me longer to photograph it and analyze it than it took them to do it, so if the taggers' objective was to make me crazy, it totally worked.

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