On the Road

I was driving to Kroger today, when a car passed me, going at least 65 MPH. (I, of course, was going 55, which is the posted speed limit on the highway and which I obey religiously because I never speed, ever).

The car that passed me was special, in the way that cars with messages written on the back window with shoe polish always are. This particular message read

I [heart] YOU

I was surprised by this for several reasons:

I did not know Jessica Simpson was in town.
I did not know John Mayer was, either, for that matter.
I did not know John Mayer's fans were the type who wrote on their Buicks.
Finally, I did not think that John Mayer's fans drove faster than 45 MPH in the left lane of traffic (though her left turn signal was blinking, which I DO expect from his fans).


Dree said...

Wow... I *heart* John Mayer, too! But I don't think I'd advertise the fact on my rear window.

Anonymous said...

You do know the other Supreme is a GIANT John Mayer fan don't you? She may have words for you.



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