Monday Loves II

These are the days
When you wish your bed was already made
-from "Manic Monday" (the Bangles)

Here are the things I love today:

-The Presidents, and the extremely intelligent individual who decided that the best way to honor the contributions they made to our country was to give me a day off school. Which leads me to the next thing I love ...

-Sleeping during the hours when I would normally be at school. Man, I loooove taking naps (no matter what day it is) and they are never better than between the hours of 12 and 4.

-Kenneth Cole, the designer of my favorite shoes (a red leather mary-jane). Just looking at his shoes makes me happy.

-Spaced, a half-hour comedy on BBCA. I came upon it by accident, but when I saw that it was written by Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson, I season-passed it right away. It's airing season 2 right now (though it's much older than that), and I laugh hysterically every time I watch it.

-Kids' books at Barnes & Noble, and thinking about which ones I am going to buy my niece. She will definitely have an extensive library, courtesy of moi, of course. This weekend I put this series on my list after seeing it on the shelves. I am going to have to buy her the kids' version of Crime and Punishment to balance it out, though.

-Eunny's Entrelac Socks in Interweave, which I want to make--eventually--but am content, at the moment, to just sit and look at.

And those are the things I love today.

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Marsha Brofka-Berends said...

If you're going to introduce your niece to Walter, you might want to get her this book (and its sequel), too.


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