Step Right Up

Something weird is going on with my skin lately.


Common sense would tell you that it's just dry skin, but I don't actually have a lot of common sense.

I, personally, think it's some sort of flesh-eating disease, because I always like to look on the bright side.

Or it could be that weird thing that makes you look like an alligator.

Frankly, I kind of hope it's not that one, because I am too old to join the circus.


Cindy said...

I used to get rashes like that on my hands and even my forearms. I haven't had one in a long time, but (at the risk of sounding like an infomercial--and I swear I'm not getting paid to do this!) I have to tell you about a product, made here in my hometown, that has cleared up every sort of rash any one in my family has ever had
. It's called Palomar E, and it can be used anywhere--and I mean anywhere!!!--on your body. I urge you to at least try it. It may be at your Wal-Mart, but if not, here's the website where you can order it:


They also make a diaper ointment, but just scroll down to read about Palomar E. I hope you try it and I hope it helps you. Keep me posted. (Again, forgive the sales pitch...I swear I'm not spamming you!)

Mei said...

Well I am very susceptible to good advertising. I looked for this at WalMart after reading your comment, but I didn't find it there. I will try Walgreens and a couple other places, and then I might just buy from the website. I REALLY do not want to be the new Alligator Boy (Girl).


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