The funniest thing I saw all day

If you hear someone laughing hysterically in the pharmacy section at WalMart, it's totally me.

There I was, innocently looking for something to ward off the leprosy, when I saw this:

Remember when Rudy Huxtable wanted to stay home from school because she was embarrassed about being flat-chested? So she bought that cream from an infomercial that was supposed to make her ... blossom? I found it!

Next, I was in the part with all the foot fungus remedies, even though (I hope) I don't have a fungus. And this is what I saw there:

Surely SOMEONE must have said, "Are you sure ...?" and then the president of the company was like, "I'm positive! People with dry, cracked skin will know this is the best thing to help them!" and the vice-president probably said, "Yeah, but I have these teenage boys, and--" and the president totally cut him off and said, "Teenage boys are not our target demographic! It's Crack Creme! Crack Creme Crack Creme Crack Creme!" and the vice-president went, "Well, don't say I didn't warn you," and then I almost bought this just because of the name. So on the one hand, it was a successful advertising scheme, and on the other hand: hee! Crack Creme!

Finally, I wandered into the diaper rash aisle; I don't think there is a diaper rash on my hands, especially since I have not touched a baby in forever, but you can pick up germs all over the place nowadays. And I found just the BEST NAME EVER:

I mean, come on! If you aren't ready to buy that JUST based on its packaging alone, I don't know what's wrong with you. It's simple, it says everything right there in two words, and I about fell on the floor when I saw it.

And that is the funniest thing I saw all day.

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