Picture It

This is the poster that hangs on the wall opposite my classroom door:
(it's gross, I'm warning you)

Everybody knows I have a weirdo obsession totally casual fascination with teeth.
It's just a THING; I can't explain it.

So it is obvious, to me, that someone has decided to do a customized Gaslight on me, because for real, if I have to look at this every time I leave my room, I will wind up in THE HOME.

Also: yeesh! Fine, I won't do meth!


Lady S said...

Gross. I don't let the kids wiggle or pull their teeth in my presence. I tell them I couldn't stand it when I was a kid, I am not going to watch it now.

lorinda said...

Alright, so tell them to give us a list of drugs that WON'T mess up our teeth if they are going to be so picky about it.

And I'll be right with you in The Home if I had to look at that every day.

Mei said...

You should see the one about the Meth Bugs. I do a full-body shudder every time I (accidentally) look at it.

p.s. I am high ... on life. <--cheese


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