The road to success is paved with lame bulletin boards.

As the sponsor of RHS's Drama Society, I have to make sure my organization puts up a school bulletin board once a year.

My first year, I did the whole thing myself, design and execution. It was an amazing bulletin board, if I do say so myself.

Last year, I left it in the hands of the DS president. It was ... not great.

This year, I talked to the current president, and she is not really a creative person. And the other officers are concentrating on Homecoming right now, so they are idea-ed out.

So this morning, during study hall/directed study, I scribbled down some ideas for the bulletin board. Then I let my second period class--theater--choose which one would best represent the organization.

Here are the choices:





My theater kids are super-smart, and also super-awesome, and they chose C, which was my favorite too, and probably pretty easy to execute.

After I'd finished my four drawings, there were about ten minutes left in the period (we have shortened classes due to Homecoming activities). So I drew this one, just as a sort of inside joke with myself:
[This does not in anyway refer directly to the RHS Drama Society, but to drama clubs in general, and believe me, I've seen my fair share, so don't get your panties in a twist]

It's the most accurate of all of them [in general, and again, not referring to RHS AT ALL, even though my kids DO love swords, play D&D, have relationships with same sex partners, and revere Star Wars. I'm just saying], and the one most likely to earn me a reprimand and a note in my permanent record. So this one is just between you and me.


Lady S said...

As a former drama club member (and current member of a community theater company) I would have gone for C myself although I thought A was interesting.

As for the final one you drew...ours would have been poker (m&ms), Monty Python, and stupid comedy skits.

And what was the paper on the left with the letters?

lorinda said...

You forgot divas and those whose parents buy their leads in the play. Oh, did I say that out loud? Was it a bitter memory from high school twenty-five years ago?

No, not me.

Mei said...

The thing on the left is a rainbow flag; it says ROYGBIV--one letter per stripe (I didn't have any markers).

Ha ha, Lorinda! As it is, I practically have to beg kids to be in the play. But, wow! I can't wait until people try to buy me off!


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