Just Because

I love my theater class. Not one of the students is failing, they (for the most part) do their work and do it well, and they don't annoy me with whining or excuses. They don't call me Ms. Flower; they call me La FlowER, in the most obnoxious French accent possible. When they ask if they can do plays or sketches that have semi-questionable content, I always say, "Why don't we wait until I get tenured?" And now a lot of their sentences begin with, "When you get tenured ...."

I don't know if you know this, but students don't really give gifts in high school. My dad and sister (at a middle and elementary schools, respectively) come home at Christmas just LOADED DOWN with stuff. I MIGHT come home with a box of chocolate-covered cherries. In a good year.

Today two of my theater students brought me a gift. For no reason at all.

"La FlowER," said L, as she stepped up to my desk, "do you like the movie Office Space?"

"Of course," I said. "That's one of the funniest movies ever."

"Well ... here," she said, and thrust a pink tissue-wrapped package at me. "T and I got you this."

The box contains an Initech mug, a couple of cover sheets for TPS reports, a red Swingline stapler, a sticker that says PC LOAD LETTER, a Jump to Conclusions mat, a sign that reads IS THIS GOOD FOR THE COMPANY?, and a pin.

"That's what sold me on it," T said. "Because everyone should have a pin that says, 'Sounds like someone's got a case of THE MONDAYS.'"
I could not thank them enough, my amazing wonderful kids. I just poured my gratitude over them, because I was so touched by their thoughfulness.

And then I made them sit down and take a test.


Jenn said...

Awwww how sweet! That movie is really one of the best movies ever! Each and every person that has ever been in the work force can relate!

Lady S said...

We had lots of nicknames for our theater teacher too. Good ones, I mean. In fact, some times I even still call him by them (I've known him my whole life and still do community theater with him). I don't remember buying him gifts like that, but I know I've bought him Shakespeare stuff over the years (uncanny resemblance).

My kiddos don't have nicknames for me, but as an elementary school teacher, I get the randomist gifts.

Knitting Genie said...

I LOVE that movie! It's such a true picture of Corporate America. If you stink at your job, you get promoted. The worse you are, the higher you go. Then you become someone else's boss and you just dump all your work on someone else. I think it's great that your students were thoughtful enough to appreciate your hard work! Good teachers are underappreciated and very scarce.

Dreamy said...

That is soo awesome! What great kids you have! Speaking of cool gifts-- and stuff just for you, I saw this the other day and though, April would LOVE this! check it out, it's not spam, I just can't remember your darn email :( Angela (your old sp) http://www.threadless.com/product/626/Mummy_Cool#zoom

Mei said...

It really is one of the most accurate portrayals of office life, even if it was supposed to be satirical. It makes me laugh every time I watch it.
My favorite gift that my dad ever got was a blinking Jesus picture. It was a scene of Jesus, I think with kids around him, and there was a battery in it and if you pushed a button, these red lights would come on and blink. It cracked me up because it just seemed like the weirdest combination.
Angela, I love that shirt. I'm trying to think of a way to sort of casually mention it during class ...


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