Not My Best Moment ...

My car came equipped with one of the best inventions EVER, the keyless entry. I just have to push the little button on my key ring and MAGIC! the door unlocks and I don't have to fiddle with bags or books or pockets or multiple keys in order to climb in and toodle off down the road. It's great for when you have a thousand papers to take home, or you're carrying your dinner from Subway, or when you are just really really tired.

Last week seemed about ten years long, what with all the early bus duty and the late bus duty and the rehearsals and parent-teacher conferences and all. I guess I didn't realize just how much of a toll the week had taken until 3:00 Friday afternoon, when I got in my car and FOOM! exhaustion just about knocked me over.

And 'long about 3:07, I staggered out of the car and lurched up to the house and stood there for a FULL FIVE MINUTES, just pushing and pushing on my magic keyring, wondering why on EARTH my front door wasn't opening.

I'd probably still be standing there, still just pushing away, if I hadn't accidentally hit the alarm button.

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Lady S said...

I have totally been there. I have also tried to use my push button to open my husband's car and my school door. Oh and my house keys for school and school keys for home. And let me just say, they are very different keys.


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