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Though I have been working on school stuff, I haven't completely abandoned my Tivo.

The following is brought to you by Project Runway, House, CSI, Spaced, Psych, History Detectives, and Shaun of the Dead, which is an awesome film that everyone should watch.

I've only finished one sock. The pattern is a simple k3, p1 rib, with an eye-of-partridge heel. The yarn is Opal Rainforest: Owl, which I was psyched to find on eBay. It's worked on size 1 needles. Mine are Boye aluminumn needles, and they are no longer perfectly straight, thanks to my insanely tight grip.

When I finished, I'd decided that I wouldn't do the second sock, because I really hated doing the ribbing, and at first the sock was really really tight. But the more I wore it, the looser it became, and now I adore how it conforms to my foot. Dang it.


Dreamy said...

I have to agree, Shaun of the Dead is insanely funny. I like when they are taking pictures with the "drunk girl" before they realize she's a zombie... but anyways, omg your socks are beautiful and I love the colorway. I'd love to see an upclose of the heel...

Mei said...

Well, the heel is not exactly great, I don't think. According to the pattern, it was supposed to be eye-of-partridge with a garter border. (That is just a fancy way of saying sl1 k1, and I was a little disappointed because I thought it was going to be ... well, different.) I followed the directions EXACTLY, and came away with one side garter and the other stockinette. When I finish the other one (correctly), I'll try for a heel picture.


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