Disorganized Organization

Before I was diagnosed with ADD, I'd gotten used to leaving things behind, misplacing things, or forgetting things altogether. Now I'm better at organization as a whole, but I still have random little times of self-doubt.

For example, today I got a check for my summer in-service work. It was given to me during the last period. We don't get our regular paycheck until the end of the month, so this check is VERY important; obviously I want to get to the bank right away.

As I was leaving today, I locked my door and got halfway down the hall, and then I remembered that I needed that check. I stood there for a moment, trying to remember whether or not I'd put it in my purse, then just decided to go back to my room; it was probably on my desk under a pile of papers AS USUAL.

Imagine my surprise when I ransacked my desk and found no check.

I looked in my purse. No check.

I looked in my backpack. There, tucked neatly into the front pocket, was my check.

See? I'd put it where it was supposed to go. Only, I didn't look there because that's where it SHOULD have gone, and I'm used to NOT putting things where they belong.

There should be a pill to fix THAT.


John A said...

"There should be a pill to fix THAT."

Agreed. I've spent a great deal of time looking for stuff I put someplace I could remember, not always with success.

Mei said...

I've got a routine now.
Of course, if I ever move to another house I'll be in trouble ...


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