So Did You Watch Oprah Today?

Today's Oprah Crisis was female teachers sleeping with their students.

As a female teacher myself, I have to say that I do not understand how a person in her mid20s to 30s could be attracted to a thirteen-year-old boy, let alone sleep with him.

And that is not to mention the fact that I would always be in Teacher Mode, where I would be saying things like, "Don't be a bully," or "Tuck in your shirt," or "Don't say 'ain't'." That is not exactly whispering sweet nothings.

Also, it would freak me out if my BOYFRIEND called me Ms. Flower.

I have severe germophobia, so I do not let my kids touch me; you never know where those hands have been! When I get the unsolicited hugs I fold up into myself, like when a cockroach is dying, and laugh nervously.

I prefer to show my affection through worksheets and sarcastic comments. Nobody sends you to jail for that.


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Affection through worksheets and sarcastic comments, indeed! :-)

I'm a male in a primarily female-dominated field, and I have learned to keep my hands to myself, even though there are times that I'd dearly love to hug the little rascals.

I think I'll try worksheets and sarcasm instead!

Mei said...

My dad (also a teacher) will not even be in the same room with a girl by himself. People are crazy with the lawsuits these days.

Anonymous said...

I find nothing wrong with a hug every now and then, and a pat on the back. Children look up th their teachers. Sometimes affection helps them know you care. And if they think you care, they are a higher chance they will suceed in school.

KLG said...

I'm with you! As not only a teacher, but mother to a 13 and a 16 y.o. male (and 2 girls, too), I can't imagine getting intimate with anyone of their friends- they still laugh at fart jokes, for Pete's sake. And they are living in that peculiar dimension where they really do think the solar system revolves around them and whatever they want to do right then, to heck with consequences. I think any woman over the age of 30 who willingly has sex with anyone that young has an automatic insanity plea, with sentencing no less than 20 years in the looney bin!

Anonymous said...

There is a BIG difference between hugs and pats on the backs of students and sleeping with students. All teachers love their students. all teachers do not have sex with their students. There is a definite line that should never be crossed here. It is wise to not be alone with students in the same room or to give students a ride home. Some older teachers do on occassion take students to their homes when noone comes to pick them up after school. They do not realise the liability they are taking on, thinking they are doing a good thing. There is no Good Samaritan Law protecting teachers in this case. Teachers by the very nature of the profession, are the target of student affection. This is not a license or even a reason to start a romance with students.


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