Nerds of a Feather

I was a reader last week for Randomville High's Quiz Bowl tournament. I like doing that; it's the only time I really get to step into Alex Trebek's shoes.

Between rounds, the teams had to stay in the room while scores were tabulated and posted, or whatever, and y'all. When nerdy kids start talking, some good stuff comes out.

So there was this one boy on a team and he struck up a conversation with a girl on the opposing team. It was so cute. He opened with this: "If FDR and Hitler got in a kung-fu fight, who would win?" And they TOTALLY DISCUSSED IT, like, with consideration for Roosevelt's polio and Hitler being stuck in a bunker for several days.

His next question: "Do you have a favorite President?" And again, there was a discussion about it, with her giving this huge long speech about how she wishes that Alexander Hamilton could have been President because he would have done an awesome job and blooblahblee. (I, of course, know that he could NOT be President because he was born outside the U.S. NERD!)

As they were walking out, on to the next round, I heard him say, "John Quincy Adams had a pet alligator."

That is some Nerd Love, right there.

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