Hat Dance

I've been working on cleaning out the Tivo, but it is hard going, y'all. Everytime I get it down to my twenty episodes of The Office, something else comes on the History Channel and you know I can't resist.

The following are brought to you by the entire series of 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America, as well as my regular schedule of ten million television programs.

This is really just a template; I want to make a cloche, so I am trying some things. This is one skein of super bulky acrylic worked in seed stitch. I did the brim separately and then sewed it on. It can be turned down or up.

You notice I did not bother sewing in any ends.

And here's how the ceramic cat wears it: brim up and at a roguish tilt. I think he likes it.

Here's the second hat, also a two-fer.

And a third, which unfortunately is not showing up well. It's a fuzzy variegated yarn that has different pinks and greens. The yarn pooled in such a way that the colors look like they are spiraling up. Trust me; it's cute in person.

Two more are on the needles. It's totally the wrong time of year for hats, which is probably why I'm in this hat-making frenzy. I can be contrary sometimes.

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