How to Deal

Good news: I have the full use of my bathtub, a new faucet, and the ceiling of my kitchen is still intact. I am not allowed to use the ceiling fan, and have in fact taped over the light switches; it's a good thing, too, because every time I go into the kitchen I try to turn on the lights. So, good for my dad for realizing that I would probably try to electrocute myself and having that idea.

On Thursday, when my dad was upstairs cussing the faucet, I was downstairs discovering a new activity: Stress Knitting!

Look how much I got done in an hour!

That is a solid forty cents worth of knitting right there!

My mom, watching me drown my sorrows in sock yarn, was astonished at my speed and concentration. Later, she would inform my family, "She was knitting like a house afire!"

I am pleased to report that I have successfully taken two (2) showers without any faucet leakage or ominous creakings (as though the floor was about to go). But I have not completed the Great Bathtub Cleaning of March 2006. Nor will I. Ever.

Note: I will never, no never, not be made fun of by my family for This Incident.

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