Ms. Fix-It

I was getting ready to go to school today when I noticed that the lining of my wool pants was hanging down below the pants themselves. This would not do!

So when I got to school, I fixed it:
Why yes, that IS masking tape. This here is a little secret I learned from Ellen Tebbits, by Beverly Clearly, which was my favorite book when I was in the third grade.

And all day, I enjoyed the irony of wearing $118 pants (what? I paid $7!) mended with $0.04 of masking tape.

(Incidentally, aren't my shoes cute? They are totally something Mary Poppins would wear!)


Kara said...

Very cute shoes. Payless?

Mei said...

The brand name is Two Lips; I bought them off eBay (new, not used). That is where I get all my cute shoes now, because I have an addiction but no money.

Cindy said...

The shoes are adorable! Watch out though...you'll have weirdo's with foot fetishes frequenting your blog. :) (Remember the King of the Hill episode where Peggy was a foot model?)

The School Girl said...

Yes, they are adorable!


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