Holiday Anxiety Attack

Whenever there's a school holiday, I always have this tiny panicky feeling that I've gotten the day wrong and I'm actually supposed to be at school and man, am I gonna get in trouble for not being there.

Like, what if today is TUESDAY and yesterday was MONDAY--the actual holiday--and I don't remember? Or what if President's Day is NEXT week, and the assistant principal is making a mark on my permanent record RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK? I have to keep a paper bag handy just in case.

Dates don't mean anything to me, so I sort it out--as I always do--based on what was on television last night. Fortunately, that was all my Sunday shows, so I am safe.

I think. No, wait a minute.

Okay, I have no angry voicemails, so I THINK this might be President's Day.



Cindy said...

Wouldn't you love to be like the guy on "Office Space," and just not worry about showing up to work at all? It would be kinda neat to just NOT CARE! :)

Mei said...

Ha! I WOULD love that!

(What a great movie! My favorite part is when they beat up the printer, because, man, I have been there).

Cindy said...

I really think "Office Space" is one of the funniest movies ever. I so often wish I could have the main character's "don't care" attitude and get away with it! And who hasn't tried to hide from the boss at least once in their lives?


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