I'm Telling You for Your Own Good

Do NOT see The Pink Panther.

It was my dad's idea, actually. "My seventh graders recommended it to me," he said.

"Dad," I replied, "do you even REMEMBER the tragic See Spot Run incident of the mid 90s? Your students recommended THAT, too, and we all had to sit through David Arquette sliding around in poo."

Unfortunately, none of us could agree on another movie, and I was outvoted.

"Take one for the team, Mei Flower," my family said. So I did. I sucked it up and I took one for the team.

And I WILL be reminding them of this whenever the next arty Jane-Austen-Charlotte-Bronte-Shakespearean-Dickension-Byronic-heaving-bosom-heathered-moors-tragic-lovers movie comes out.

We'll see who's sucking it up THEN.

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