I Do Not Understand Television People (Part 2)

I love Hugh Laurie. I have been a fan since I saw him in Sense and Sensibility being extreeeemely sarcastic to his stupid giggly wife.

He is also sarcastic in his tv series, House, and I do appreciate that as well.


On tonight's episode, House gave himself a migraine--using nitroglycerin as the inducer (?)--in order to prove a former colleague wrong.

I get vengeance, I do. Revenge is best served etc. etc., but I do not think there is ever a need to give your own self a migraine. That is dumb.

I also watch House because of Robert Sean Leonard, whom I have loved since he killed himself in Dead Poets Society. He is the voice of reason--House's Jiminy Cricket, if you will. And when House shot himself up with a full-blown migraine headache, what did his best friend do? Well, he opened all the blinds at midday, yelled a lot, and dropped stuff. HA! I laughed throughout that entire scene, because you know I have no sympathy for House and his self-induced migraine. I'd have done the same thing, only with more shouting and for a longer period of time.

I admit I haven't watched House but for the last month or so, but I do not understand how he gets away with stuff. Like, if he worked at my school, he would have tenure, so he could only be fired for sexual harassment, possession of drugs, or if lots and lots of parents complained about him to the superintendent in person. So definitely, House would be gone from MY school, since he's achieved all of these things (if those could be called "achievements"), and yet he is still allowed to practice medicine. And I get that he is in New Jersey, but as far as I know, that's STILL not an alternate universe, so how can he still be employed by a reputable institution?

I bet the people at Fox are counting on the audience to just accept things and not ask questions. They don't know me very well, then.

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