I Go to the Knitting Class

Today I attended my first knitting class, which is all about finishing. That means how you put your pieces together once you've knitted them. We're going to be making a sweater for a Cabbage Patch doll, though hopefully I will learn enough to be able to adapt the pattern for a real baby--namely, any nieces or nephews I might happen to have.

1. I am the only left-handed knitter in this class. I was singled out by the teacher, though in a good way, because she showed me a way to decrease and increase that is better for lefties than the (apparently) traditional way. (Note: I did not know how to increase--other than the yarn-over--before today. So I definitely learned something there. Also, the teacher hates yarn-overs, so ... oops).

2. I am clearly the youngest person in this class. At my age, this is a highly unlikely occurrence, usually. Though, I guess, when you're talking about knitting, maybe not so unlikely.

3. I am one of the most unexperienced knitters, having never attempted a garment other than a scarf (which the teacher immediately deemed as useless pieces. Hmmm). (This will not keep me from making them though).

4. Half of what the teacher said went right over my head, as I do not know all the terms for stuff yet. Also, I can't read patterns very well (because of not knowing the terms), so when she referenced patterns, I was like, "????"

5. I did not take my Strattera today. Probably this contributes to #4.

6. I spent approximately 3/4 of my allowance on yarn. I am not sorry.

7. The people at the yarn shop were super-friendly and super-helpful, and I asked a bunch of questions that made me feel like a dummy ("Is this worsted weight?" "How do I know how many yards are in this skein?") but they didn't even roll their eyes ONCE.

8. I am starting a new scarf, which I will make with my new yarn. And I don't care what the teacher thinks, so there.

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