Toilet Training

My room is approximately 479 miles from the closest faculty bathroom, so I unfortunately have to share a public restroom with students. It is gross.

The walls of each stall are covered with random meaningless grafitti. I could go into a whole OCD germophobic speech about using writing utensils while you're SITTING ON THE POT, but I'm gonna find it in my heart to spare you that one.

In one particular stall, I noticed that, below all the other messages (I heart JM and yes he loves me too!) there is a particularly bold Sharpied scrawl, reading

I think yall should
quit writing on
bathroom walls

And above it, in the teeny-tiny lines of a ballpoint pen, is written


So, evidently, SOMEONE has learned SOMETHING in one of her classes. Not her health class, but ... it IS something.

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