The Amazing Race TOTALLY Earns Its Name Back

I watched this episode with Joon and MJ. My sister Joon can get a little ... excited. There's a slight possibility that she might have been screaming and dancing at the end of the show. Only slight, though.

And y'all. The idea of the Incompetent Homeschool Teacher Linda Weaver trying to do the geography puzzle made me CACKLE WITH GLEE. Because when a grown woman thinks there are Great Lakes in Louisiana, and doesn't know if Pennsylvania's a state ... I just wish I could have seen it, is all I'm saying.

MJ pointed out Alex's BigEyes to me tonight. I cannot BELIEVE I have watched this entire season without ever noticing his Big Bugged Out Eyes. Seriously. Check it out. We must have rewound and rewatched Alex's expression ONE THOUSAND TIMES.

We were seriously hoping that the Weavers actually would quit as they threatened to do. But as usual, we were disappointed. I would like to say, though, that the task that they wanted to quit? WAS WALKING AROUND AND LOOKING. Like, that is the hardest thing EVER! Yeesh.

Full disclosure: I love the Linz family, and have since the beginning, when Big Brother Alex said, "We have to watch out for Tommy and Meg, because they don't have the experience we do, of living on their own and paying their own bills-" And Tommy breaks in and says, "Shut up, Alex; you still live at HOME!"

Then, of course, Nick took his shirt off a few times, so after that I was TOTALLY rooting for them.

I read somewhere that the Linzes are giving half their winnings to their parents and splitting the other half evenly among their siblings (seven kids in all). How cool are they???

Overall: This season was not the caliber of TAR that I have come to expect, but I will probably forget that and remember this last episode, which involves the smackdown of the Hateful Weavers and the Linz Victory Which Was Deserved And Made Me Happy.

Next up: TAR 10, in February, with NERDS.

Oh, be still my heart!

Oooh, read this recaplet from TWoP; it is hilarious.

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