Lunch with Teachers

Because it's Exam Week, we teachers get to leave campus for NINETY WHOLE MINUTES to eat lunch.

This is very very different from our usual twenty minutes of fast talking and faster eating.

A group of us went to a local restaurant, and Kay ordered a small pizza WITHOUT OLIVES. But guess what was on her pizza when she got it: yup. Mounds and mounds of olives.

I about died watching her pick those olives off her pizza. She was so meticulous about it, and she was looking SO HARD for those olive pieces; it was all very cartoonish and funny, and I admit I was laughing like nobody's business.

She had her face RIGHT UP ON that pizza, and finally I said, "Kay, if you hold your water glass over your pizza, it'll make a homemade magnifying glass, and you could probably find those olives with less effort."

There was a slight pause, and then Cat looked at me and said, "Well, I guess we know who's the biggest nerd at THIS table."


EatingMyWords said...

Hi! I really like your blog... It seems like we have a lot in common - I'm a teacher too (English - 8th grade) and we like a lot of the same shows... I'm currently looking for a book club to join in my area - I live in NYC. Just trying to get a life of my own so I don't end up one of those girls whose life revolves around her husband!!! If you want to - write back to me... I'd love to hear from you.

Mei said...

Thanks, EMW!
I taught 8th grade English--for one year. Then I quit that job and moved right on out of the state. God bless you for teaching those kids, because they wore me out!
On the book club: try your local library. When I lived in a big city, my library started several book clubs, and I joined the one that was most convenient for my schedule.
Also, if you like Oprah's books, I think there is a feature on Oprah.com where you can plug in your zip code and find out who else in your area is reading the books.
Or you could just ask some of the people you teach with if they're interested in starting a book club. That's how mine got started, though we do have some non-teachers in the bunch too. We meet on a monthly basis, and the first meeting was not about books, but about setting up: we drew names to find out who would host each month, and the hostess gets to choose the book. I bet there are some other teachers in your school who would be interested.


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