What's Your Ya-Ya Sisterhood Name?

Mine is Viscountess Sitting Bull, and I'll tell you why that's funny/ironic:

My mom is American Indian, like, she's registered and everything. She grew up on a reservation and my grandpa was a chief or something, or at least a big enough deal that he used to tell Joon and me that we are Indian Princesses. I remember one time my mom came to my school when I was in first grade and told my class about being an Indian. We ate jerky and did a dance.

Anyway, according to family folklore, we are direct descendants of Sitting Bull. Whether that's true or not is anybody's guess. I totally believe it, personally, if only because it's cool to see a picture in a history book and say, "Oh yeah, that's my great-great-great-great grandpa."

So even though that Ya-Ya thing is just a randomizer, it totally pegged me. Spooky, huh?

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