My Day as a Mime

Well, I woke up without any voice again, but I was feeling all right, so I went to school. Also, how would THAT phone call to my assistant principal gone?

My kids were pretty okay. Once they figured out that I was going to talk to them in Crazy Lady Sign Language, they were right there with me. Fortunately, I had two classes that were giving presentations, so I had saved myself a lot of trouble right there (even though I didn't know it when I made the plans; I must be psychic!), and another class watched a video which was totally part of the curriculum, so it's not like they were watching, you know, The Mummy or anything. (Although I can pretty much guarantee that some class is going to be watching it this year. Like, we might read about the pyramids or something and I'll be like, "Hey! I know the perfect way to make this story come alive!" And then I will have an excuse to watch my favorite movie while I am at WORK).

I was told by my students that I am very good at enunciating so that people can read my lips. Shoot, I am good at enunciating PERIOD. That is partly because of my 11th grade English teacher, Mr. Bivens, who was the Enunciation Champion of the World and one of my role models for teaching, and partly because my sister Joon and I just started ending our words with FINALITY for whatever nerdy reason we have. ("JooN-ah," I would say, "shuT-ah uP-ah!" "Mei-yah," she would reply, "BiTe-ah mEEEE.")

I did ask if I could go home early, since my last period was planning, and by "home," I definitely mean "Wal-Mart." I couldn't talk there, either, and I just realized I forgot to pick up my Strattera, dang it, not that I could have asked the pharmacist for it anyway. Still, I got all the throat remedies I could find, plus the huge jug of orange juice, so--fingers crossed--maybe I'll be able to talk again soon.

But, you know, it would not be that big a tragedy if I couldn't. I'm getting kind of good at the Crazy Lady Sign Language.

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