Dear People at CSI Who Are Trying to Kill Me:

Um ... no.

I know there is someone at that show who really really likes Louise Lombard and who created this character of Sophia for her and now really really wants me to like her, but ... no. I don't. I won't. So forget it.

SPOILER AHEAD (if you haven't seen tonight's episode)

Look, I am not the most objective person in the world, I admit. Sue me. Still, when I thought Sophia was going to take the fall for the death of Officer Bell, I was all up in that house. And then when you went and made it so Captain Brass is the one whose gun fired that shot, I could've just killed you myself.

I'm not saying that the people I like are, by virtue of my liking them, perfect or innocent or good. I AM saying that when you are given a chance to unload some deadwood, TAKE IT, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

The character of Brass is probably the one on the show that is most like me, with the possible exceptions of Greg, when he knows trivial things that no one else does and then manages to crack a case wide open, and Nick, when he is confused by all the weirdo stuff that people do. But Brass! Oh, Brass, he brings the snark, and I love him for it. He doesn't take anything off anyone, and that is what I aspire to be. Perhaps if the detective thing doesn't work out, Brass can teach in a public high school.

But what I am saying, CSI people who hate me, is I think you screwed up, and big time, too. You made me mad, and that ain't good.

That being said, Paul Guilfoyle rocked my house tonight with his solid acting (which is something SOME people--SOPHIA--are unable to do), and I felt sooo bad for him at the funeral, and I loved Mrs. Bell for giving him that big hug. Sniff!

I might forgive you if there is an Emmy nomination for PG, but until then, consider yourself on my LIST--NOT THE GOOD ONE.

Best Wishes and Please Don't Kill Nick,

Mei Flower

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