"Congratulations! You're an old hag!"

I'm teaching my theater class about stage makeup. In the past, I've only taught them how to make bruises and black eyes (because they're the most fun), but this year I'm also teaching them how to apply "natural" stage makeup (in quotes because, up close, there is nothing natural about it) and old age makeup.

I made a video of myself doing the old age one, but I didn't have time to edit it, and I didn't want to show off a half-done project; I like perfection, you see.

And probably that perfectionist streak explains why I got more and more depressed as I continued to record myself with my pronounced wrinkles and lopsided face. I've definitely crossed into the Botox camp after this experience.

This is the last segment of the video, and the only part I'm posting online, but only because I find it hilarious--after the fact. I look like death, and my expressions are ... well. You'll see.


Farrel said...

Yikes! Congratulations. You now look older than your Dad. :)

Farrel said...

Boy, you are GOOD at your job!


Mei said...

I cannot stop watching this video. I'm serious! I must've watched it 100 times, and it just gets funnier every time.

Shannon said...

I was laughing SOOO hard watching this! What is funnier is when your eyes bulge out and you smile at the end and it looks the young(er) version of you for like .425 seconds, and then you look old again. Kinda scary looking actually.

Farrel said...

I'm still laughing at that first expression: wwhhaaa and of course the eye rolling!

great job!



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