Another reason I haven't been posting is that I'm doing another play.  Acting in one, I mean, not directing.

I'm playing the role of Alice in You Can't Take It with You.  It's a lead, and I play the only normal person in a family of weirdos.  It's practically my autobiography.

Tonight one of the other actors gave me a great compliment.  He said, "You're so good.  It's amazing.  You just have [Alice's] voice."

How cool is that?  I said, "Naw, it's just a cold," because that is what I do.  He's directed several plays for this theater, and he's won awards for acting himself, so I really appreciated his comments. 

It's nice when someone who's not my mom--and therefore has no familial obligation--tells me I have  talent.  It makes my 16 hour days a little more bearable.

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