Goin' to the Graveyard

Last week I went to the historic Elmwood Cemetery in Memphis. It's a beautiful cemetery, but it was also an educational experience. Elmwood provides audio tours and maps so you can do your own thing and at your own pace.

I love local stories, but I really got schooled in Memphis history! There's so much I didn't know about the city, and I admit I felt some pride swelling up as the narrator ... erm ... narrated the stories of some of the people buried at Elmwood.

I took over 100 pictures that afternoon, and I'm showing some of them here in a video, with minimal explanation. Just look at the pictures.

p.s. If you had a mind to, you can get married here. One of my friends did. For the record, I'm not as afraid of cemeteries as I used to be, but using one for a destination wedding doesn't really fit my idea of celebration.

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