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The Mousetrap ended last night, which means my hair can go on vacation now. Let's take a look at its latest journey.

For comparison, here is my hair in its natural state, blown dry, no styling:

Straight. Straight straight straight. Not a wave in sight. My hair thinks it's living in the 60s. But the director specifically requested "mall hair," so I devised a system that would turn my Marcia Brady hair into Melanie Griffith's Working Girl 'do.

Each performance day, I would spend 3-4 hours curling my hair with a 1/2 curling iron. I started with Suave Healthy Curls Scrunching Mousse, then applied a coat of Freeze It Mega Freeze Hairspray. I'd hit it with the Freeze It again just before and after curling, and then periodically douse my whole head with Bed Head Hard Head. By the time I'd finished, I looked like this:

And nothing short of an F-4 tornado was gonna shake those babies loose. I could have hammered nails with those things.

To give the curls time to set, I'd cover it with a scarf and drive to the theater. About 30 minutes before curtain, I'd brush them out and give them another Freeze It mist:

Usually they'd flatten a bit during the show, but then, I'd also sit backstage and tug on them, because they really were irresistible. They were such a novelty to me that I couldn't keep my hands away.

Most nights, I'd brush my hair out at the theater and pull it back into a Peter Cottontail-like puffball. I don't like hair on my face, and I don't like the smell of hairspray, so I needed to get both away from me ASAP:

The next morning, a regular shampoo would take all the product out, and a heavy duty conditioner made it possible to start all over again.

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